Students Elect 2017-2018 Officers


Lebanon, TN – The Election Commission has been busy offering voter registrations to graduating seniors and providing election support to assist area schools elect their 2017-2018 class officers.

Class officer elections were held at Lebanon High School, Wilson Central High School, and Friendship Christian School and the Wilson County Election Commission assisted Williamson County to hold class elections at Brentwood and Franklin High Schools. All elections were held using the same ExpressVote voting system used in regular county-wide elections in Wilson County.

Every year in the spring 9th, 10th and 11th grade students elect their class officers for the next school year. “Having had the chance to support elections in the high schools for the past several years, many of the students have voted in numerous elections. Providing a real election experience for students gives them the foundation and appreciation of voting that will, hopefully, last their lifetime,” said Phillip Warren, Administrator of Elections.

High Schools are not the only Wilson County schools holding elections this year. Byars Dowdy 3rd grade teachers Olivia O’Conner, Ashley Derr and Holly Yelton gave their students a lesson in democracy when they voted for class president, tax collector and city council.

“It is never too early to begin learning about civics and the importance of voting” commented Tammy Smith, Assistant Administrator of Elections.

Warren and Smith accept as many invitations to speak to high school civics classes as possible. The presentation gives students information about current election related issues as well as an  in depth look at the preparation and procedures involved in elections. Eligible students are also given an opportunity to register to vote. Each year these classroom visits yield several hundred newly registered Wilson County voters.

The Election Commission is committed to making the voting experience the best it can be for Wilson County voters. Through their outreach programs of providing school election support, speaking to senior and government classes, and being available with programs and support to other community groups, the Election Commission is fulfilling its commitment.

To learn more about elections, voting and how you can be involved with Wilson County elections contact the Wilson County Election Commission at 615-444-0216 or online at

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