Election Commission Signs Agreement with School Board

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Lebanon, TN –The Wilson County Election Commission signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Wilson County School Board during its regular meeting on January 10th to use a portion of the renovated 415 Harding Dr. School Board Facility. Work has started on the building and campus at 415 Harding Dr., the Old Lebanon High School property, with completion anticipated in October of 2017.

The Election Commission utilized the old Lebanon High School gyms for storage and maintenance of voting equipment and poll officials training prior to the start of the remodeling project. In 2016, the election equipment, supplies and training was relocated to a temporary space in the Tennessee College of Applied Technology on Tennessee Blvd. With the completion of the project at the 415 Harding Dr. facility, the Election Commission will occupy approximately 6000 square feet of secure space until December of 2023.

“We are looking forward to having a more permanent home at the 415 Harding Dr. campus. To serve the election needs of over 81,000 eligible voters, the ability to properly secure, maintain, store and prepare the election equipment and to train poll officials is necessary. The Election Commission is fortunate to have the support of the School Board and the County Commission to meet the challenge,” said Phillip Warren, Administrator of Elections.

Wilson County voters were introduced to touch screen voting in 2006. Ten years later the tried and true system was upgraded. In August of 2016, an enhanced voting system was introduced to voters. The new voting system provides the touch screen ballot marking ability that voters were accustomed to with the added feature of a printed ballot. As the number of eligible voters continues to increase, effectively meeting the demands on election administration also grows. The new voting system not only addresses the needs of an ever increasing number of voters, but also, requires less space for storage.

The new facility will also allow the high standard of training  poll officials have come to enjoy to continue. Over 350 poll officials receive classroom, hands on and online training before each election. Poll officials are Wilson County voters dedicated to providing fair and honest elections in a friendly and competent manner to the voters of Wilson County. There is always a need for public service minded voters to serve as poll officials. Anyone interested in joining the team may submit an application from www.WilsonVotes.com.

To learn more about elections, voting and how you can be involved with Wilson County elections contact the Wilson County Election Commission at 615-444-0216 or online at www.Wilsonelections.com.