Vol State, WANT and Election Commission Partner to Train Poll Officials


Lebanon, TN – Vol State Community College, WANT radio and the Wilson County Election Commission have collaborated to create online training for Wilson County Poll Officials. This project brought together the resources  of government and local business to produce a training program to better prepare Wilson County Poll Officials and to enhance  the voting experience.

The Media Services Department at Volunteer State provided the equipment, expertise and many hours of editing to develop several online classes. Media Services Director, Terry Heinen and his assistants, Todd Griffin and  Blake Bridges guided the Election Commission staff and poll officials through the process from concept to completion.

The production was narrated by Bill Goodman, Station Manager at WANT radio in Lebanon.

Tammy Smith, Assistant Administrator of Elections said, “Working with Terry, Todd, Blake and Billy to produce these programs have been fun and a great learning experience. Everyone involved was intent on making this project the best it could be. The amount of work and expertise involved in making a short training video is impressive and the resulting videos are tools poll officials can use each election to refresh their skills and a training tool that we can be proud of.”

Over 350 poll officials in Wilson County are trained before each election. To accommodate the different ways each person learns, training includes classroom, hands on and online components. Online training allows poll officials a way to learn and review the information presented in class at home at their leisure. Since 2012, Wilson County poll officials have had access to online training.  

“We are excited to continue the improvement of poll officials training with the enhanced online training program,” said Phillip Warren, Administrator of Elections. “Partnering with the folks at Vol State and WANT allows each of us to share resources to improve the services we offer,” Warren said.

Poll officials prepare before every Election Day and strive to make the voting experience the best it can be for Wilson County voters. If you are interested in serving as a Wilson County Poll Official you may submit a Poll Worker application online. The application is available at www.WilsonVotes.com. For each election, the Election Commission appoints and trains poll officials to serve on Election Day at the 31 precincts and at the four early voting sites.


The Election Commission is always available to answer your voting and election related questions. To learn more about elections, voting and how you can be involved contact the Wilson County Election Commission at 615-444-0216 or online at www.Wilsonelections.com.