Lebanon, TN – Every active registered voter in Wilson County will receive a new green voter registration card in the mail this week. In August of 2014, the voters of Wilson County voted to add two additional members to the Wilson County School Board. The school board zones changed from 5 to 7 requiring the county to be redistricted. School zones were adopted by the county commission in December.

Over 63,000 cards are being mailed to active Wilson County voters. The new cards have every voter’s individual voting information on them. The districts, school zone and Election Day polling location is determined by where the voter lives. Voters who have changed addresses should provide written notice to the Wilson County Election Commission either in person or by mail as soon as possible.

Voter registration maintenance is easy for Wilson County voters. Registered voters moving within the county should change their voting address when they change their driver’s license. Realtors, title companies and most county and city offices have new registration forms and change of address forms available. Forms are, also, easily downloaded from the Election Commission website,

The new voter registration cards are printed on green paper and are designed to be cut out and folded. Blue cards were mailed in 2012 to update voters after the decennial redistricting. With the addition of two school board zones updated voter cards were required to inform voters of their current school zone.

“We encourage voters to inspect their card carefully and contact the Wilson County Election Commission with questions or concerns”, said Phillip Warren, Wilson County Administrator of Elections. “We do not have an election scheduled until March 1, 2016 so there is time to work out any registration issues and avoid any delay when voting during Early Voting or on Election Day” Warren continued.

Voter registration cards are not required for a registered voter to cast a vote during early voting or on Election Day. Voters are required to present a Tennessee or federally issued photo ID in order to vote.

The two additional school board positions will join the three existing odd numbered board seats and Wilson County Property Assessor on the August 8, 2016 Wilson County General election ballot. School board members for zones 1,3,5and 7 will be elected to serve four year terms with zone 6 elected to serve a two year term. School board elections cannot be partisan so will not be included in the March 1, 2016 Democratic Primary.

The Election Commission offers programs about elections and voting for any interested group. To schedule your group presentation, to learn more about elections, voting and how you can be involved contact the Wilson County Election Commission by calling 615-444-0216, emailing , online at or in person at 203 East Main St in Lebanon. For up to date news about elections visit