Election Commission Registers Voters at the Elmcroft Health Fair

  Lebanon, TN – The Wilson County Election Commission provided voter registration and election information at the Elmcroft Health Fair. The event was an opportunity for Elmcroft residents and the public to register to vote, change their address or make any necessary updates to their voter registration.

“In addition to administering elections, the Election Commission is involved in the community to promote and encourage voter registration and participation,” said Phillip Warren, Administrator of Elections. “Registering new voters and maintaining the voter rolls is a daily task for us. We are always eager to participate in events like the Health Fair at Elmcroft,” Warren continued.

Voter registration forms are available at the Department of Safety, Department of Human Services, the County Clerks offices and most other city, county and state government offices as well as online. Voters can conveniently check their registration status and make address or name changes with the tools and forms provided at www.WilsonVotes.com.

“Whether Early Voting or on Election Day or signing a petition, having your voter registration information current and correct is necessary. Take a few minutes today to make sure your voter registration is updated. It is never too early to ensure that your registration is up to date.” Warren said.

The Election Commission welcomes the opportunity to bring programs about voting and elections to interested groups. For the latest election news in Wilson County and for information about registering to vote, elections or voting visit www.WilsonVotes.com or contact the Wilson County Election Commission at 444-0216.

Elmcroft 2015  James Williams  Lucille Reed and Inez Major