September, 2015


New Voting System Tested

Lebanon, TN –The Wilson County Election Commission has had the privilege of evaluating a new voting system to assess its ability to make the voting experience in Wilson County better. In 2002, congress passed the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) mandating electronic voting systems to replace the punch card systems. Grants were provided to pay for the new equipment and Wilson County bought the iVotronic voting machines used today. As politics and technology have changed over the last decade, innovations and updated standards have led to the creation of newRead More

Wilson County Participates National Voter Registration Day

Lebanon, TN –The Wilson County Election Commission is participating in National Voter Registration Day by making voter registration easily accessible to eligible Wilson County residents. Voter registration displays have been placed in government offices and businesses throughout the county. In addition to the registration forms made available at local stores, banks and government offices, forms may be downloaded from the Commissions website,, and at the Election Commission office. Voter registration is also offered through the Dept. of Safety, Dept. of Human Services and the Wilson County Health Dept. PhillipRead More

Students Experience Democracy

     Lebanon, TN –Wilson County students are experiencing democracy by voting in record numbers during the first six weeks of this school year.  Class officers and homecoming courts have been chosen by multiple elections at all four county high schools. The Wilson County Election Commission has provided the voting equipment and the students have organized and staffed the elections. The elections this year have served several purposes. Students gained firsthand knowledge about the procedures and operation of elections, the Election Commission had an opportunity to test the next generationRead More


If you received a Yellow Card in the mail, PLEASE fill it out completely and drop it back in the mail. The postage is prepaid- so no stamp is required. The Yellow Card is part of our ongoing program of voter registration maintenance. Your residential address determines where you vote on Election Day and which offices you are eligible to vote on.